science and religion.

For the past 5 years I have lived in the presence of an everyday miracle and his name is Riley.  Torn between science and faith has left me questioning his fate for this Earthly life. Every day brings new challenges and worries and uncertainty  leaving me wondering if the decisions I make for him are going to be the best in the long run.  The past few years have been very difficult watching some of our closest SMA friends say good bye to their children.  This has left me riddled with survivors guilt constantly asking the question why Riley has been blessed with strength and health that these children with the same disease were not given?  People tell me that my diligence with his cares have kept him strong and healthy but this simply isn't true. These parents are just as diligent if not more than me and yet Riley continues make great strides. Should I abandon my training and knowledge of science and statistical date for an eternal perspective that I don't completely understand? I know that we each have a purpose and we are to fulfill our duties on this Earth for how ever much time that takes. At times this is a difficult concept to follow and I think that's where faith comes in.  It's not so much having faith of miracles through the power of prayer or what have you. I think it goes beyond that. Having the faith to accept the understanding of our role in this life and the purpose/potential that we all possess. Such a fine line between science and religion.