My new hat

Riley and I ventured to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. There were some really great sales going on and I had to contain myself, but there were somethings I just couldn't resist...like this hat. I've been looking for a new hat for Riley. One with some sort of ear covering and I found this one at the Children's Place. I just had to get it. This was my first year Christmas shopping with a baby and stroller. There is NO store that is stroller friendly. You would think that in the kid's clothing stores they would try to make more room between the racks...but NO. There I was trying to maneuver through racks of clothes and 20 other moms with strollers and kids. It was rough, but we survived.


What NO peanutbutter!?!

In these tough economic times everyone is trying to find ways to cut back and save a little. Including the multi million dollar hospital for which I work! They have taken away the supply of peanut butter in the units! Yes, it's true...no more late night PB and J sandwiches to get us night shifters through the night! For now I'll have to rely on the supply of Lorna Doone cookies and Diet coke. At this rate we might have to start telling patients to bring a sack lunch when they come to the hospital!


For the past few months Riley's team of doctors have been fighting for Riley to recieve Synagis injections. Synagis is a medication that helps fight RSV. It is a once a month injection for the entire RSV season which goes from about November until sometime in the spring. The Synagis vaccine is very expensive and insurance doesn't find it necessary to cover it for kids that where born full term babies. Because of Riley's muscular status it makes it very hard for him to fight respiratory infections. Thanks to the letters that our amazing pediatrician, Dr. Lindgren, and Dr. Swaboda's team have sent in to the insurance Riley has been approved for the injections and will be getting his first shot today! I am so grateful that he has been approved. I have been so worried that he is going to get sick with RSV and won't be able to fight it. Thanks Dr. Lindgren and Dr. Swaboda and Abby you guys are awsome!


Happy December

I can't believe December is here. The past few months have just flown by. Thanksgiving was a whirl wind. I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and got about 2 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. Thanks to my mom and grandma jackie helping out with pies we whipped up some delicous pies and had an awsome pumpkin cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. We ate dinner down at Marc's family's house and then came home friday night. Christmas is comming up and I'm sure that will be another whirl wind day. I hate dragging Riley all over the place. He has so much equipment. We always go over to my mom's house for Jenny Mcmuffins for breakfast. I'm half tempted to stay over there for the day and who ever wants to come up and see Riley can meet us there. We'll see what happens.