a new year!

I'm quite excited about this new year. 2008 pretty much sucked the big one so I'm going to remain optimistic that it's going to be all fine in 2009! I rung in the new year by myself. I went over to my mom's house hoping that they would be a little more exciting than me and Riley hanging out at home. I got there at 6:00 and they were already in there pjs! Riley fell asleep at 7:30, my mom went to bed at 8:00 and Marc fell asleep on the couch at 10! What a bunch of party poopers! Instead of making resolution (because I never keep them) I've decided to make a 2009 wish list. This way if they don't come true it's ok I can just wish for them next year.
2009 Wishes
-I wish that Riley can stay as healthy as he can
-I wish Riley will say MOM
-I wish I can keep my house clean
-I wish all my anxiety will go away
-I wish I will remember everyone's birthday
-I wish we can move into a bigger place
-I wish that Marc can finish school
-I wish I can finally lose all the baby weight
-I wish we can find a nurse for Riley


Christmas Adventure

We had quite the Christmas this year. It started out with Jenny Mcmuffins at my mom's house in the morning. It was a blizzard there so it was quite the adventure getting everyone up the hill. It was wierd because the snow storm seemed to only be in my mom's neighborhood. We went down to Marc's family's house in the afternoon to open some more gifts and to talk to his brother who is on a mission. Riley got some fun gifts. His favorites are his glown worm and his love sac!
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