My toolbelt

We went shopping the other day to find Riley some new clothes because he is growing out of everything and I found this toolbelt romper. I couldn't resist. He looks so cute!

Silly boy

Mr. Riley is such a silly boy. He jibber jabbers all day long. He is a big flirt with all the ladies too. Whenever a girl is talking to him he tilts his head to the side and bats his eyes and smiles and then starts to talk to them. What a ladies man! As for updates, he is doing quite well. He continues to take his medicine and he does his cough machine every day...well, sometimes we forget...On the 24th we went to a BBQ and Grandma Jenny's and Papa's house. We had lots of fun with all the cousins. Cousin Leslie, Peter and their little boy Harrison were there and Rachel, Erik and Hannah came as well. Chris an Lynette came and they brought their new dog chip and Brady ran inside and said "Dad, Dad Chris bought me a dog!" He was so excited he kept calling for chip to chase him. The fireworks show was awsome thanks to Christopher's illegal stash. Riley stayed up and watched all the firworks, he loved them!