Handsome man

Last night Riley took a bath in grandma jenny's big bath tub. I don't know why I didn't think about doing that earlier. It was like his own personal swimming pool. He just floated around and kicked his legs. Afterwards I was rubbing lotion on him and created his first mohawk...isn't he cute!

take me out to the ball game

We spent family night on monday at the bees game. Riley had a good time watching the game and being with all his cousins.


Our New House

YEAH RIGHT!!! We wish this was our house. We took a drive the other day up to see the new Draper Temple and we were in shock at the homes that are built around it! These homes are easy a few million dollars. What we kept thinking was that you go to the temple to gain spiritual wealth and surrounding the temple is worldly wealth...what a contradiction.


Grandma Jenny has a little telephone rattle that Riley just loves. Notice his little excited laugh where he sounds like a dog panting. He's so funny.

Bath Time

Riley loves the bathtub. It's easier for him to splash and move his arms in the water.