5 years ago if you were to tell me that Riley would be stepping on the bus for his first day of Kindergarten I would have said you were crazy!  To our delight that day actually came and I was able to see my handsome man off to Kindergarten.  He picked out a new backpack and he was so proud of it! Got a handsome new haircut and stylin new clothes.  He was ready to hit the scene! All through out preschool he had a nurse accompany him but this year we decided since there are nurses in the school that we will trial with out one.  I will admit I'm a little nervous about this but I think it will be ok.  So, the first day I went with Riley to go over transfers and to do wheelchair teaching.  There are 7 kids in his class each with their own unique challenge.  There are 2 other kids in wheelchairs and a couple just learned how to walk.  From what I observed all the kids are non verbal.  Riley did great for about the first hour and a half and then it was complete melt down and not just Riley, half the class was either crying or trying to escape.  Big pat on the back for the teacher and all the aids they handle it with such ease and are calm and compassionate.  Today I think Riley did much better.  It will take some time but he'll learn the routine and will love it! I'm so excited for this new school and all the equipment and opportunities he will have there that was such a fight to get at the mainstream schools.  I'm excited to watch Riley learn and grow. 

So tall and proud!

waiting for the bus.  He loves riding the bus
Alright Mom, enough with the pictures!


Jones Family said...

Yay for kindergarten! Love that smile...and his spider man backpack! What an exciting milestone for your family!

Kristin said...

So excited for him! Can't believe how big he is getting! Great pics too)